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Muscle injuries are very common and can result from everyday actions, like picking up a heavy object or reaching up too high.

4 Common Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint, especially as people age. By understanding some of the common causes of back pain and using the appropriate treatments, most people can get some relief. While this list doesn't cover every circumstance, these are a few of the most common back issues with tips on how to treat them.

Poor Posture

Standing or sitting with the back unnaturally curved can result in back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Poor posture tends to be hard to correct because most people form habits early in life that they are not conscious of. Chiropractic treatment can help with posture, as can core-strengthening exercises. Yoga, Pilates, and tai chi all help people improve their balance and core strength. Mueller braces and supports for the back can also help keep the back straight and relieve pressure in the lower back, especially.

A Pinched Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, and it can be affected by compression from a herniated disk in the spine. A pinched sciatic nerve can be quite painful, especially when sitting. People with this condition, which is known as sciatica, may also experience numbness in the feet and legs. It's important to deal with the problem as soon as it arises, and recommended treatments include alternating heat and ice therapy, gentle stretches, and a back support for the lumbar area.


A Muscle Injury

Muscle injuries are very common and can result from everyday actions, like picking up a heavy object or reaching up too high. Even though the pain can be severe, muscle strains and tears tend to heal on their own. Ice packs can help to reduce inflammation, while a heating pad can help keep the muscle soft and loose as it heals. Over-the-counter pain medication, especially anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, can also help.


Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage that protects the bone starts to wear away. With spinal arthritis, the condition affects the vertebrae, making the spine unstable and sometimes creating spurs that put pressure on the nerves. Osteoarthritis is usually diagnosed by x-rays, but not everyone who has the condition suffers pain. Doctors observe that pain is more likely when patients have co-occurring issues, like being overweight or having a history of back injuries. At-home treatment for osteoarthritis includes hot and cold therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and core-strengthening exercises.

For most people with back pain, the right back support can help correct posture and relieve pressure. Check out this site to see a collection of Mueller braces and supports for the back.